SIG P226 pistols


The P226, and it’s compact offspring the P228, are themselves the offshoot of the SIG Sauer P220. The 220 itself was the very first project made of a business partnership between Neuhausen and German firm J.P. Sauer & Son intended for both International Military, LE and Civilian markets. This partnership and the 220 itself proved to be fruitful, so when the US military announced the XM9 trials, SIG-Sauer decided to tip their hat into the race, offering their prototype XM9- a P220 in 9mm with the frame widened to accommodate a double-stack Beretta 92 Mag.
While they eventually lost the race to Beretta, the development did leave them with a pistol that SIG decided with a little extra finishing could be rolled out as a fully-fledged product.
Enter the P226: a Double-stack originally 9x19mm-only full size Handgun that is by all accounts a slightly wider P220. Some of these specs would change over time.
The 228’s development came nearly a decade after as demand for a P6-size complement to the P226. The 228, unlike the 226, WAS formally adopted by the DOD, given the designation M11.

The NIArms pack as delivered gives you a WIDE slough of the P226’s service history, starting with the Original internal-extractor Rolled-steel slides for the pre-1994 era production, through to the Sand-tone Mk.25,and a comparable deal in the 228/9’s compact frame. Within is a variety of finishes and styles, and calibers, covering all three of the family’s chamberings – 9mm,.40S&W and .357 SIG.

Pack Contents

  • 35 variants of the P226/8/9 covering the entirety of it’s lifetime of production
  • Customisable Sights: Variety of Iron Sight configurations as well as red dots.
  • 4 Suppressors
  • 2 Laser/Light Modules



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