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The SIG SG510 is probably one of the most overlooked rifles of the cold war period. While,arguably, it’s not much in the looks department, it’s a real brute of a battle rifle, built from the round up for marksman accuracy and extreme-climate reliability. The design of the 510 is directly descended from the AM55 rifle designed by Rudolf Amsler, which borrowed functionality heavily from German WW2 designs (notably the MG42 and FG42, though never in a direct enough fashion to infringe patents). The SG 510-1 (adopted as the Sturmgewehr 57) as-issued to the Swiss Army features a 24 inch barrel,heat-treated stamped steel receiver shaped using braising instead of weld, integrated bipod (whose mounting collar can be moved front or rear depending on preference), flip-up Micrometer sights with diopter apertures,extendible winter trigger, and a roller-delayed blow-back system with one of the most impressively convoluted bolt carriers ever to his mass adoption. Despite all this, the rifle still comes off lighter than the G3 and M14, and paired with the 7.5x55mm GP11 round(which in it’s stock FMJ issue form is effectively identical to Match-grade .308), outperforms both at range.
Though this is the case, it’s still somewhat of a forgotten weapon. While it’s effectively one of the finest Self-loading rifles made for a full-length round,due to aforementioned braising and heat-treating and complexity it was one of the most expensive ever fielded. This, combined with SIG Neuhausen’s somewhat insular business practices of the era, it didn’t take take off commercially.
While the 510-4(a 7.62mm NATO variant) were adopted to Chile and Bolivia, and FAMAE manufactured under license, even the civilian market proved essentially uninterested in it due to the price tag. As such it kind of was relegated to underdog of history, and the SIGs of both the 510-4 and 510-1/Stgw57/PE57 variety are basically collectors items outside of Switzerland.

Pack Contents

  • 6 Rifles and 1 Carbine spanning the entire life of the rifle
  • Two chamberings – 7.62mm NATO and 7.5mm GP11 cartridges, variety of payloads for both
  • Dedicated ZF57 AARAU scope for the Stgw.57
  • Picatinny- compatible irerations

SG510 Release Album

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NIArms- Core

Community Base Addons for Arma 3



  • Soundshader Volume Relevelling
  • Weapons use new Muzzleflashes
  • Weapon inventory icons now use New system
  • all mass values recalculated to unified standard


  • Fix “Sound: Error: File: hlc_wp_fal\snd\ak_selector.wss not found !!!” (Credit: Robalo)
  • Subclass of OpticsModes wasn’t automatically inherited, add explicit (Credit: Robalo)
  • Migrated per-pack ballistic data to Core: 7.5mm GP11
  • Added hiddenselections (see respective classes for details)


  • Conformed mod icons,mod.cpp to rebranding
  • Soundshaders implemented, minor discretionary sound tweaks
  • Arsenal Icons implemented
  • General Material changes. RVMAT Fresnels altered for better effect


  • Initial Release

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