G36 Rifles


After reunification at the End of the Soviet Union, the re-formed Bundeswehr were in need of a standardised infantry weapon, and on a budget.
H&K, being one of the preferred candidates on the tender, offered up numerous existing designs, all turned down.
Design work was then initiated from the ground up on a modern 5.56mm assault rifle designated “Project 50” or HK50.
The prototype was then trialled, where it was rated higher than the rival Austrian Steyr AUG system. The final version of the G36
was completed in 1994. Production of the G36 began in 1995.
The G36 is an interesting melting-pot of concepts- basic operation of the rifle is fairly directly inspired by the Short-stroke piston of the Armalite AR18, the sighting system inspired by the AUG, thorough use of new age polymers and materials, and an emphasis on ambidextrous ergonomics. Despite all this, the end product is a sort of mixed bag- while the gun is conceptually and functionally solid, long term use is starting to shake out issues like heat dissipation from hotter NATO loads (QED the M855A1 EPR round), and the original dual-optic setup was not without usage issues.
However, to this day, the G36 is in most contexts a solid performing rifle, and even with it’s known issues, is the current standard infantry rifle of Germany.

Pack Contents

  • Common reciever
  • Barrel and forward handguards in 3 lengths.
  • Forward handguards in two variations- stock and Knight’s Armament Quad-rails
  • 5 optic variations, including two full-length picatinny rail options and Hensoldt integrated optics
  • Two magazine types- stock transparent magazines and Beta C-Mag drums
  • Additional magazine well and magazine for Arma3’s MX rifle compatibility (STANAG-2020)
  • AG36 underbarrel grenade launcher

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NIArms- Core

Community Base Addons for Arma 3



  • Soundshader Volume Relevelling
  • Weapons use new Muzzleflashes.
  • Weapon inventory icons now use New system
  • all mass values recalculated to unified standard.
  • Corrections to fireselectors on all the E series
  • Ammobox includes Mg36 and the missing CMAGs


  • Restore missing slots on G36C/CV/V/KV models (credit Robalo)
  • Add opticType param to G36 optics (credit Robalo)
  • Fix UI for 2rnd burst fire mode (credit Robalo)
  • Cleanup G36 config, fixes #45 (credit Robalo)
  • Corrected Ammobox displayname
  • Add G36 weaponholders (credit Robalo)
  • Added G36 Bipod (plus support on E and A series)
  • Corrected several minor inheritance issues on the V and Tactical series
  • Tactical G36 front sights now fold correct way
  • Hidden Selections (Check classes for more details).
  • Mass,Inertia,Dexterity adjustments
  • Added:
    hlc_rifle_G36E1AG36_Romi (fun retex)
    hlc_rifle_G36KA1KSK (G36K + KAC Rifle-length Foregrip, iDZ Rail)
    HLC_Rifle_G36KSKAG36 (AG36 Variant of the above)


  • Adjusted AG36 velocity and ranging
  • Reticle adjustment- now has rangefinder. Accurate at all distances.
  • Changed reloadaction for G36KE
  • Conformed mod icons,mod.cpp to rebranding
  • Soundshaders implemented, minor discretionary sound tweaks
  • Arsenal Icons implemented
  • Grenade sight accuracy improved(all). Should hit more or less Bang on for respective zeroings.
  • Removed redundant inventory slots. Adheres the CBA/ASDG standard almost entirely.
  • Optional RHS and CUP compatibility patches updated to reflect most current versions respectively
  • General Material changes. RVMAT Fresnels altered for better effect.Added:
    H&K MG36A1


  • Initial Release

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