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The FN 30-11 has a somewhat storied (if under-appreciated) history which stretches all the way back to the founding of Fabrique Nationale, which was organised specifically to build the 1898 Mauser rifle. Over the years they began manufacturing the fabled Mauser 98 for both foreign clients as well as the Belgian military and continued to make them throughout the occupation and beyond. Post-war, the continued production shifted to the civilian sector (both hunting and target shooting) where FN Mauser actions became known as some of the finest available. Fast-forward to the 1970s when various terrorist incidents (hostage-takings and hijackings) made things pretty apparent that a precision sniper rifle was a must have for police forces and the stage was set for the FN Sniper 30-11 to be brought to market. Basically, FN combined one of their precision actions, an adjustable walnut stock with some other parts that were already in inventory (most notably the FN MAG 58 bipod and flash hider and magazines from the FN FAL) to create a very capable sniper weapon. Some of its bench-rest origins can be keenly felt as well, the stock is fitted with an Anshutz or UIS rail which was fitted for both the bipod and an included adjustable sling mount. Another contribution from Anshutz was the diopter sight which usually served as a backup and was adjustable for both windage and elevation.

For its time, the 30-11 was a very capable system but in many cases it was priced well outside its own market had relatively few adopters. As represented in NIArms you get three major versions, first being the standard as-issued to the Belgian military FN 30-11 with either the 4×28 FN or 4×24 Kern scope or Anshutz diopter. Next is the Modernised version which has been fitted with a MIL 1913 rail as well as the ability to equip a silencer or bi-pod of your choice (standard and Green camo finish-). Finally you have the GOL / Tactical version which features a Stocon stock and McCann MIRS rail system and Harris bipod. Aside from being a bit more compact its also the most accurate variation.

The final variation is the special rifle made for Lynx which is a take on the Modernized version. It features a nice bit of ghillie wrap along with the names of unit members who helped to make this possible. Lynx’s gun is a bit of a mix, the original premise was to try to re-create his weapon, as it was equipped when he used it but in the end we decided to stray from that path and add more of the features he’d like to have in Arma (silencer capability and a MIL 1913 rail so he could use different scopes). His weapon comes equipped with a UTG bipod and a Leupold M3A 10x scope.

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