FN Minimi LMGS


The FN Minimi came about as a project to take the heavy and not readily portable FN MAG GPMG and create a more modern, man-portable Light Machine Gun. Initial prototypes for Minimi were built for 7.62x51mm, with the switch to 5.56x45mm NATO coming relatively late in it’s development. The resulting LMG was probably a little heavier than it could have been, but certainly still fit the bill, so was adopted en masse. The pack covers the majority of the the Minimi/M249’s service life, primarily bracketing from the early 1990s to the current day.

Pack Contents

  • Common Minimi reciever in several markings
  • 3 barrel/muzzle profiles
  • Forward hand-guards in 3 variations – Factory Standard, M249E2, and 2nd tier PIP
  • Assembly covers in two variations – Factory Minimi/M249, M249 PIP
  • 2 Belt Boxes
  • 3 Stock configurations

The pack supports the use of,either directly or through optional addons-

  • Community Upgrade Project: Magazines (Additional PBO)
  • RHS Escalation: Magazines (Additional PBO)
  • ACE3: Ballistics (Directly)
  • AGM: Ballistics, Overheating,Barrel Changes, Bipods (Directly)
  • Rutherberg’s Advanced Ballistics: Ballistics (Directly)
  • CSE: Bipods (Directly)
  • TMR: Bipods/Autorest (Directly)
    NOTE – AGM and CSE both no longer are updating and their inclusion in support is for legacy support to groups not yet switching over to ACE.
    NOTE2- Across all ballistics functionality added; Minimis use 1:7in(178mm) Twist barrels, M249 1:12(305) Twist.

HLC SAW Release

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NIArms- Core

Community Base Addons for Arma 3



  • Soundshader Volume Relevelling
  • Weapons use new Muzzleflashes.
  • Weapon inventory icons now use New system
  • all mass values recalculated to unified standard.
  • Magswitch functionality added to all SAWs that support STANAG magazines- works with all BI,NIA,RHS and CUP stanags (except Hicaps like CMAGs/X15s, just imagine them like 50 round belts)
  • Added reloads, sounds animations to correspond to previous.


  • Soundshader/Soundset changes:
    • Occlusion and Obstruction issues fixed (Gunshots no longer occluded by an A4 sheet held to face)\
    • Midrange Gunshots tweaked
    • Tail volumes improved
    • Minor sound volume tweaks across the board
  • General AI Behaviour improvements.


  • Add some macros for easier mag compat maintenance
  • Fixed Reload Sounds (Credit- Navaro)
  • Added hidden selections (You know the drill- classes for details)
  • Weapon displaynames unified to make more sense.
  • HLC_SAW_ammobox changes
    * now uses Supplydrop model
    * Reduced Magazine counts (Was 20, now 10)
    * Reduced Weaponcounts (Was 10, now 5 per)
  • Added:
    • Mk46 Mod.0 (hlc_lmg_mk46)
    • Mk46 Mod.1 (hlc_lmg_mk46mod1)
    • M249E1 (hlc_lmg_M249E1) – special thanks: da12thMonkey, J0zh94(RHS)
    • Minimi Para(RIS) (hlc_lmg_minimipara_railed)
    • Minimi Para(Long) (hlc_lmg_minimipara_long)
    • Minimi Para(Long/RIS) (hlc_lmg_minimipara_long_railed)


  • Conformed mod icons,mod.cpp to rebranding
  • Soundshaders implemented, minor discretionary sound tweaks
  • Arsenal Icons implemented
  • Removed duplicate inventory slots. Adheres the CBA/ASDG standard almost entirely.
  • Optional RHS and CUP compatibility patches updated to reflect most current versions respectively
  • Assorted Material adjustments.
  • Added:
    • hlc_lmg_mk48


  • magazineReloadSwitchPhase added to SAW base class
  • made Supplybox “Zeus Discoverable”
  • Added Zeus spawnable individual weapons.
  • adjustment to the gunshot tails volume, should be less overt.
  • material/shader tweaks, slight contrast increase to speculars.
  • ACE3 overheating/barrel swapping added to configs
    • RHS Compatibility
    • CUP Compatibility
      (RHS and CUP Compat may or may not work together,depending on your mod setup. Source provided if you wish to build your own)


  • Minor tweak of left-hand thumb on standard foregrip hand-pose
  • Added Unique Meshes to magazines


  • Initial Release

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