AR15 Rifles



In the 1950s, Small arms company Armalite (then bought as a division into the Fairchild Engine and Airplane Corporation) was founded to create firearms that focused on utilising the latest in material design to bring to market light, better weapons. The company, under the orders of legendary Chief Engineer Eugene Stoner brought to market two notable rifle designs to the table in it’s early life – The AR-10 and AR-15. The AR-10 competed initially for the Infantry Combat Rifle trials, which it ultimately lost to the M14, but the overall concepts and rough design layout it created printed the mold for it’s lighter calibre successor: the AR-15. Both systems have a direct gas impingement system – gas is tapped back via tube to the bolt to apply direct gas pressure on the bolt to cycle. The system as designed was simple to strip and operate, light and ,with the correct spec ammo, accurate and reliable. First adopters of the AR-15, the US Air Force and Army Special Forces, sung high praise of the rifle, ultimately leading to it’s introduction to service with the Marines as the M16. Unfortunately too late for Armalite itself, dissatisfied with the response in the market prior to wide adoption, sold the AR-10 and AR-15 patterns to Colt, and AR-10 to a Dutch company. Armalite had a few smaller successes with other Stoner designs (Notably the AR-18), but the company never really saw widespread success and closed it’s doors in 1988.

Today, the AR-15 stands not as one weapon ,but as a family platform of largely interchangeable variations on the concept, with wide adoption in Military, Law Enforcement  and Civilian shooting areas. This pack reflects just some of that variety, not to cover the bog standard M4s and M16s, but some more exotic variations.

Pack Contents

  • 13 AR15 rifles and Carbines in two popular chamberings- 5.56mmx45 NATO and .300 Blackout
  • 2 caliber-specific AR Suppressors

AR15 Release

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NIArms- Core

Community Base Addons for Arma 3



  • Use macros FTW (Credit: Robalo)
  • Corrected skeleton dependency conflicts between hlc_rifle_colt727 and hlc_colt727_gl
  • Recentered hlc_rifle_ru5562
  • Clean up M203 cfg for AR15
  • GL Reload Animations added-
  • Rescaled mesh –
  • Hiddenselections Created for all weapons (Refer to class configs respective weapons for naming schemes)
  • Side Attachment proxy positions corrected:
  • Animated Zeroing corrected for .300 Blackout Weapons:
  • hlc_rifle_honeybadger Now has suppressor as default state.Can still accept attachment suppressors.
  • Zeroing on non-zeroable sights no longer is adjustable (Troy Battlesights, etc):
  • Added: BCM “Blackjack”. .300 Blackout variation on Jack Carbine, per request of Spartan0536
  • hlc_rifle_SAMR VFG replaced


  • magazineReloadSwitchPhase added to AR15 base class
  • made Supplybox “Zeus Discoverable”
  • Added Zeus spawnable individual weapons.
  • adjustment to the gunshot tails volume, should be less overt.
  • material/shader tweaks, slight contrast increase to speculars.
  • Rear aperture replaced on : Colt Carbine, Colt Carbine GL,
  • Attachable Bipod functionality added to – AAC Honebadger
  • ShadowLOD mesh optimisations (all)
    – RHS Compatibility
    – ACE3 Compatibility (HuntIR rounds specifically)
    – CUP Compatibility
    (RHS and CUP Compat may or may not work together,depending on your mod setup. Source provided if you wish to build your own)


  •  Bugfix : default.paa not found on Colt Carbines
  • Added -Coefficient-based ballistic speed reductions to Sanitised Carbine, Magpul Carbine, Colt CQBR
  • Changed – .300 Blackout Dissipator and Bushmaster sounds changed to more realistically reflect the effect of the weapons in real-life (not as loud, more hiss)


  • Added Colt M4+ M203
  • Visual LOD Change -Jack Carbine now uses correct B5 SOPMOD Milspec Stock
  • Visual LOD Change – SAMR, SAMR2, Jack Carbine use in-spec GI magazine


  • Added support to Bipod support for AGM
  • Added Bipod Support for CSE
  • Added support for Advanced Ballistics mod  (by, and with values provided by, Ruthberg, BIG thanks to you for that, mate)
  • Altered Inheritance of suppressors.
  • Hitboxes and related GeometryLOD materials updated on all weapons
  • Adjusted Mass and inertia values- all weapons should now be closer to their approximate real-life weights.
  • Added due to popular demand- Colt M4 (RO977) and CQBR. classnames: hlc_rifle_m4, hlc_rifle_cqbr
  • Decreased size of Gemtech HALO.
  • New VisualLOD applied to – SAMR, SAMR2, AR15 Carbines, Jack Carbine, Colt Carbines
  • Slight material adjustments


  •  .300 BLK Suppressor/Gemtech HALO no longer dampen Ballistic arc, velocity, or damage
  •  .300 blackout magazines give unique icons
  •  Missing UI icon arrays/icons corrected- hlc_rifle_RU556, hlc_rifle_RU5562
  •  Added: hlc_30rnd_556x45_S (5.56x45mm Subsonic Magazine, low velocity)
  •  Added: hlc_rifle_samr2 (“Vanilla” LAR-15 for sensitive souls)
  •  Specular values on most RVMATs lowered slightly
  •  Added Icon to X-15 magazine
  •  All ARs now slightly less accurate in the hands of AI

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Contributing Authors

ImBrokeRU – Sanitised Carbine, Magpul Carbine
Antivirus404  – Sanitised Carbine
RedRogueXVII – Sanitised Carbine
Twinke Masta/ Johan Santana – Colt 727
Tigg – Colt 727, Colt 727 GL, Magpul Carbine, Sanitised Carbine, RRA LAR15, Dissipator Carbine
Brains Collector – Sanitised Carbine
4Echo – Magpul Carbine
Stoke – Colt 727, Colt 727 GL
Tenoyl – BCM ‘Jack’
Sephiris – Bushmaster Carbine, Dissipator Carbine
Agent95 – Bushmaster Carbine, Dissipator Carbine
Hypermetal – .300 BLK Suppressor
Bohemia Interactive – Arma2 Sample resources(Meshes, Sounds, RVMATs, Textures), some script lines. (Bipod)