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The Steyr AUG is the posterchild for modern small-arms design in almost every facet, and was decades ahead of it’s time. Not content with providing a marely adequate superior to the Austrian Army’s then-current license-built FAL clone, Horst Wesp, Karl Moser and Karl Wagner set about creating something truly unique. They did so by upheaving conventional wisdoms, taking advantage of space age polymers, new production methods, designed modularity, revolutionary bullpup configuration, unique Spz-kr trigger, and perhaps most functionally interesting, making a magnified optics a mandtory component of the weapon.
The end product looks every bit as space age now nearly 40 years later as it did then- sweeping ergonomic lines are a core part of it’s visual execution. As mentioned, the AUG was designed as a full weapons platform out of the box- every Rifle could be converted in seconds from it’s standard form to more specific roles, like the 9mm “Para” SMG, or the Heavy Barrel support variant.
This pack of AUGs contains the 3 major iterations of the AUG design (the A1, A2 and A3), as well as the civilian Semi-Auto-only Special Reciever. With the exception of the A3, each of these comes in 3 barrel lengths firing 5.56x45mm NATO , and the A1 and A2 are also available in 9x19mm. all of these AUGs are available in three colours. Due to the Quad-rail Foregrip, the A3 is only available in it’s rifle length. However, it also has a GL-equipped model.
Oh yes, and you can swap between different lengths of barrel from the action menu (or if you use AGM- self-interact). So,yes. Yes you can carry the standard rifle and a conversion kit,then with mere seconds delay go straight into running your AUG as an SMG. (Special credit to Kerc Kasha, who made this possible)

Pack Contents

  • 3 primary iterations of the AUG receiver
  • 3 barrel lengths of each reciever, plus caliber-converted SMG
  • 3 Colour stock bodies for each permutation.
  • Interchangeable caliber and barrels on A1 and A2 rifles respectively.

Steyr AUG Release Gallery

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NIArms- Core

Community Base Addons for Arma 3



  • Clean up and improve AI usage for AUG pack (Credit: Robalo)
  • Updated to use macros
  • Adjustments to Dexterity
  • Added GL reload animations to hlc_rifle_auga3_GL (and variants)
  • Corrected GL sight animation hlc_rifle_auga3_GL and adjusted eye memory points (solved #13)


  • Conformed mod icons,mod.cpp to rebranding
  • Soundshaders implemented, minor discretionary sound tweaks
  • Arsenal Icons implemented
  • Removed duplicate inventory slots. Adheres the CBA/ASDG standard almost entirely.
  • Optional RHS and CUP compatibility patches updated to reflect most current versions respectively
  • General Material changes. RVMAT Fresnels altered for better effect, less dependency on generic maps.


  • magazineReloadSwitchPhase added to AUG base class
  • made Supplybox “Zeus Discoverable”
  • Added Zeus spawnable individual weapons.
  • adjustment to the gunshot tails volume, should be less overt.
  • ShadowLOD mesh optimisations (all)
  • Added Parrallax lense blurs to AUGA1 sights.
    • RHS Compatibility
    • ACE3 Compatibility (HuntIR rounds specifically)
    • CUP Compatibility
  • (RHS and CUP Compat may or may not work together,depending on your mod setup. Source provided if you wish to build your own)


  • * AUGA3+GL no longer can mount Bipods.
  • Added ACE3 Ballistic Data(Credit- Ruthberg)
  • Added Unique Meshes to magazines


  • All weapons made compatible with V1.42 engine update (deploy pivot points added, make limited use of new “tails” sound system where possible)
  • Bipod functionality enabled – All HBAR Variants
  • Attachable Bipod support added – AUGA3s


  •  Red Dot on AUGA2 and SR variants re-zeroed,reduced FOV magnification

Download as Mod – Arma 3



Contributing Authors

Bohema Interactive – M203 Quadrant Sight,M4-2000
Kerc Kasha -Barrel Swap Script
Toadie – AWC Agenda Six
RedRogueXIII – Magpul MVG
TenoYL – Troy BUIS
kaskad, obsolete – Docter Red Dot
Sarv,r0tzbua – Steyr AUGA1
Sproily – Steyr AUG SR/A2 Reciever
Toadie – HBAR,AUG 9mm Barrels, Bipods, Magzines
WangChung,Philibuster – AUGA3
Tigg – M203A1